Dr. Valerie Scola


“I have had the pleasure to know and work with, in a variety of capacities, Kevin (Dr K) for many years now. Kevin is an incredible human being. He is a tireless worker and has an uncanny ability to connect with people on a personal level whether it is one on one, in a small group, or with a large audience. Kevin (Dr K) has a wealth of knowledge not only in dentistry but also in human behavior and communication. Everything Kevin (Dr K) does he puts 110% into whether its work, teaching, practicing or person life. A constant theme in everything he does is “love”. Love of the people he is interacting with, love of learning, love of teaching and love of life.
(I would give the strongest recommendation to anyone looking to work with Kevin in any capacity).”

Atlanta, GA


“Vision, inspiration, intention, self discovery .Initially, one of the most appealing aspects aboutKevin was his strong background in clinical dentistry.I knew he walked the good walk prior to his decision to focus on helping other dentists achieve their potential. Working with Kevin has made me a better visionary, leader and problem solver in all aspects of my life. He has helped me discover what MY optimal practice looks like and gave me the courage and resources to work towards that reality. The process has been dynamic and has evolved over the three yearsI have been working with Kevin.It has been a game changer and a life changer.”

Conor Casey, DDS, Ashland, WI


“Dr. Kwiecien is an engaging speaker who is not only knowledgeable about the challenges of dentistry, but has practiced what he preaches as he strives to provide optimal health care to all who seek him out. Dr. Kwiecien has developed systems, that when implemented, offer the highest level of care with the goal of optimal health for his patients. His systems simplify the difficult and allow the patient to be involved in choosing the optimal treatment for themselves.I highly recommend having Dr. Kwiecien help coach you to deliver optimal health to your patients as well.”

Marc Iwahiro,DMD, Keizer, OR


“I have been growing my dental practice and leadership skills withKevin Kwiecien at KSquaredFacilitation for almost three years now, and I could not be happier with the results I am getting by collaborating with him. I struggled for years and tried many different approaches, and worked with multiple professionals in hopes of owning/leading a successful relationship-based comprehensive dental practice that is rewarding to me. While I learned from all of those experiences, Kevin is the one that is consistently able to guide me in developing the leadership qualities, team, and systems that allow me to put in the effort and see results. I sleep better at night, not only because I learned a lot about creating healthy airways from him, but because the stress I had been carrying for so very long is drastically mitigated. Kevin is extremely supportive and dynamic in his skillsets, if you are stretching yourself and trying to grow, Kevin is one of the guys you want on your team! He has my highest recommendation.”

Roxzanne Amos, DDS, Virginia Beach, VA


“I had so much anxiety about taking over my new practice. The thought of going to work the next day gave me anxiety.I knew I needed more support to help me gain more confidence in running my practice.I have worked with Kevin for about six months.He is helping me to create the vision of my practice that is centered around my team.He has helped me to facilitate conversations that I have ignored with team members in fear of hurting their feelings.I think most practice owners would say that building the team is one of the most difficult aspects of being a business owner.I wished that I could just clone myself to staff my team. I now value the individual contributions that each team member adds and am learning to flex to each team member to help with our team communication. He has also been helping me clinically with incorporating comprehensive dentistry. As I work with Kevin more, the vision of my practice becomes more clear and I see the future with much more growth potential.”

Vy Tran, DDS, Baltimore, MD


“If you’re looking to create a more engaged team, generate systems, and better your leadership and financial skills then Kevin is who I would recommend.I reached out to Kevin to help create better harmony with our assistant team.What I received in return was a more engaged, self-sustaining team that worked together to optimize workflow.Kevin worked with the leadership team to train us on how to effectively coach and work through conflict resolution.Kevin helped improve both my and my office manager’s leadership skills.As a business owner, Kevin helped me dive into the numbers of the business in order to analyze it as a CFO would. This allowed me to be able to spot patterns to understand which systems are working well and which systems need re-tooling.I’ve worked with other consultants before and what makes Kevin standout is his clinical background combined with his training and customized approach to your office.His goal is to set you up to be self-sustaining after working with him.”

Marc Stroobants, DDS, Sheboygan, WI


“I met Kevin when I was a student of his in 2009 at OHSU dental school. I was instantly struck byKevin’s welcoming nature and positive attitude. I remember many of his lessons and still call upon these techniques and approaches to this date. Dental school can be an extremely stressful time and as students we often tend to form deep connections with those instructors and staff that provide a safe space to learn and grow. Kevin always provided this space for all his students and continues to.When I purchased my practice, I quickly realized that while I was prepared to be a restorative dentist, my preparation as a business owner was not equivalent. I learned quickly that managing a dental practice was different from managing dental caries. I reached out to Kevin and stated that I was struggling and in need of a plan, a plan I could follow that was reproducible and could evolve over time.Oftentimes I think many dentists struggle with implementing a system or a plan to get their dental teams to actualize their potential. It’s not that the dental team doesn’t want to be great, its more that they struggle to understand how. It has been my experience with Kevin that by employing a team-centered approach to system development within the practice we have be enable to achieve real growth and create a stable foundation to develop from. The team members feel they truly have a horse in the race and are motivated by the simple fact that they see how their work directly impacts the flow and efficiency of the business. Each team member feels validated that their ideas are not only heard but are helping to move the entire team and the business closer to optimal.Owning a single provider practice can be daunting as there is no other dentist to confer with or bounce ideas off.Things can become overwhelming, and very quickly. Having Kevin as a resource especially in the context of complicated restorative cases and full mouth rehabilitations that I couldn’t figure out or understand would become clear and achievable after case review with Kevin. He has an amazing ability to not only guide you in the direction you need to go but also allow you to work through the problem, so you truly understand a reproducible mechanism to treatment planning and execution.This is an easy recommendation; he checks the boxes and for many of us he is exactly what we need.”

Jim Durnin, DMD, West Linn, OR


“Like many dentists I met Dr. Kevin Kwiecien when he was part of the resident faculty at SpearEducation. He taught in several of the hands-on workshops that I attended over the years.When he started doing independent consulting I found myself really wanting to work with someone again. I had already worked with two previous consulting groups earlier in my practice ownership and had good results. But something was still missing.I asked Kevin for his help in a fairly open ended way. I didn’t really know whatI wanted or needed that would be different from any other consultant. We agreed to work together based on mutual trust that we had already established. I knew his background was solid and would provide what I believed I wanted clinically and on the business end. He knew he could trust thatI would follow his lead and work hard to implement the changes he wanted for me.Kevin took a deep dive into all of the quantitative data that the practice management software and accounting software could provide. Plenty to keep track of and to learn from… but that wasn’t where the magic happened for me. Many of my ‘systems’ were already solid enough not to need much help there. It was in his observations and reconstruction of all the subjective components that changed everything for me.I needed more work on myself than I needed anywhere else. Leadership was present, but lacking in continuity and well demonstrated intention. It was like I was hiding behind a mask of being a proper ‘business owner’ or ‘employer.’ Kevin taught me so much about what I was Lacking as a leader without ever making me feel bad or embarrassed. And he did most of it on the fly while working with my entire team. Each visit to my office provided giant leaps toward shaving a cohesive team that had each other’s backs. We developed a culture of mutual respect, positivity, and support that I have never experienced in any dental practice. And although I must remain the active leader of this team… They are all helping me and each other every day.I am writing this about 4 years after I completed my work with Kevin. What he set in motion has remained because it was set up so solid in the beginning. And even now as we have temps come in to help cover from time to time… they always comment the same thing… this is the sort of place I want to be able to work someday. This environment was created thanks to the immense talents of Kevin Kwiecien who I will be grateful to for the rest of my career.”

Kevin Potts, DDS, Dallas, TX


“My journey with Kevin Kwiecien started when I was 1 year out of my dental residency program.I used to come home after work and watch SPEAR Online videos, and my favorite ones were with Kevin in them. Little did I know that our paths would cross when we met at Pankey’s Annual Session in 2019. Finally, I chose to be a participant in a continuing education courseKevin was leading at Pankey. I already had high expectations for Kevin, and getting to knowKevin during that course solidified my trust in him. I’ve been a practice owner for 4 years now, and although my office has been doing great financially, I felt like I was lacking purpose and mission. I wonder if my team members may have felt the same.I have attended and finished all of the Pankey continuum courses, read multiple books on management and establishing systems. However, I lacked the momentum to implement. I decided to use my marketing budget towards coaching with Kevin. Having had coaching with Kevin for almost 6 months now, I can say that my office is becoming my dream office. He has helped me establish systems, improve morale, track practice financials, and coached me both professionally and personally. I am glad I hired Kevin early on in my career asI’m going to be using these systems for the rest of my career. When I hear my colleagues complain about their staff, organization (or lack of), and failing systems, I am reminded how my office used to be a mere 6 months ago. It’s amazing what can be done with the right vision and guidance. I have already recommended Kevin’s coaching services to my colleagues, and I would recommend his services to anyone without hesitation. What a great return on investment–thank you Kevin!”

Alexander Sadak, DDS, FAGD Owner of My McLean Dentist, McLean, VA


“I recently attended Kevin’s seminar on occlusion and wanted to give feedback on the course. I’m 38 years old and have been practicing dentistry for 12 years. I have always enjoyed challenging myself by learning new techniques and procedures, but as of recent had been finding myself in a bit of a rut.I am by no means implying that I had mastered dentistry in any way but found myself pretty good at most of the day to day dentistry I was doing. I had even started thinking about “whats next” after dentistry, looking for new challenges in business and in life.Kevin’s course was exactly what I needed at the perfect time in my career. The clinical portion of the seminar was great in that Kevin was discussing very complex topics but presenting them in a way that made it organized and understandable.He has a vast knowledge of occlusion and years of experience treating and teaching others how to treat occlusal disease.I thought it was great that he’d end each topic or section with something small that we could go back and implement in our practices Monday morning. However, I think it was actually the non-clinical topics that inspired me the most.I learned what leadership really means and what it means to have a team centered dental office.I honestly had to adjust my concept of what dentistry is to incorporate things like nutrition and sleep.It’s been two weeks since the seminar and I have started every week by having my team doing 5 minutes of focused breathing and have taken steps to transform my dental office into a completely digital occlusion centered practice.Needless to say I really enjoyed Kevin’s seminar and I would highly recommend to everyone, but especially those that need to refuel their passion for dentistry.”

Superior, WI


“Dr. Kwiecien is a leader in continuing education for dentists and teams. His content reflects his superior knowledge of the subject matter and folded into that is his sincerity and commitment for one’s learning. He is approachable and entertaining and a delight to be coached by.”

Wappingers Falls, NY


“His ability to engage, educate, and teach the team to be accountable to each other and the practice, despite their individual personalities and priorities is phenomenal.”

Moline, IL


“Just wanted to let you know that since your course last weekend that every patient I’ve seen since, I have told myself to stay in the question. I was amazed at how often in the past I would relate something my patient said to something I have done or some similar situation in my own life. The concept of staying in the question was the simplest way I have ever learned to keep my focus on my patients and it has made it so much easier. Why did it take me 20 years to learn this? Thank you very much Kevin!!”

Eau Claire, WI


“I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin over the last 6 years.My first interaction was at a workshop with Spear.He communicates ideas and treatment philosophy that are easy to understand and immediately incorporate into practice.My office has also worked with him directly to help with our systems.We are still using them to this day.I will work with him again in the future and have recommended him numerous times.”

Peter Miskovich, DDS, Grand Rapids, MN


“As an AACD accredited general dentist now in my 24th year of practice I have had thousands of hours in continuing education over the years. However, one of the most impactful learning experiences I have ever had has been in a small study club lead by Dr. Kevin Kwiecien. He is a master at facilitating small group learning. He orchestrates a safe environment where I felt free to ask questions without feeling judged. I found his knowledge base and presentations to be on par with any lecturer that I have seen on the national level. Whatever area of dentistry you want to learn more about including practice management, occlusion, esthetics, comprehensive care or airway/sleep dentistry, I am confident Dr. Kwiecien can help you take it to the next level.”

Wenatchee, WA

Group / Individual Dental Education & Coaching


“Dr. Kwiecien is a great facilitator.  Not only is he extremely knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics,  he is also very in tune with keeping everyone engaged and on the same page, whether it’s a group of 4 or 400.”

Mooresville, NC


“Dr Kwiecien  is an outstanding educator and clinician. His teaching style is straightforward and uncomplicated and often entertaining.”

Wappingers Falls, NY


“Kevin has 5 qualities that make him a great educator. First of all, Kevin is an innovator. That means he is always learning and pushing the boundaries. Secondly, he has a very clear and in-depth understanding of his field. Third, his ability to cleanly and clearly communicate his ideas to his audience/ students AND .. what makes learning from him fun are the last two qualities that I will mention –  His approachability and his wicked sense of humor.
You could sit through a three hour lecture in a matter of minutes and come away feeling enriched.”

Redmond, WA


“Thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do for us. I know I speak for everyone when I tell you how incredibly well the weekend was run. I have been a part of PLG’s in the past and sometimes felt frustrated with not “getting enough” out of it. You really listened to all of us and tailored the weekend towards what we needed. It was the perfect balance of professional and personal growth. Many people commented that they felt they got as much out of this weekend as one of the essential classes.”

Omaha, NE


“We have worked with Dr. Kevin Kwiecien and K Squared numerous times over the past ten years both personally and with organizations such as the WashingtonAGD. We appreciate his energetic approach and knowledge of what it takes to run a dental practice. Dr. Kwiecien receives high marks from both our staff members and dentists participating in practice growth and leadership courses.Dr. Kwiecien is a skilled dentist with a solid clinical background that also understands what it takes to run a successful practice. Encourage anyone looking for practice guidance or coaching to work with him. Finally, for study clubs and AGD groups, Dr. Kwiecien provides impactful single and multiple day programs that leave audiences wanting more.”

Dr. Timothy Hess, Seattle, WA


“I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Kwiecien’s ability to create analogies to make a complex process understandable.  Having heard him speak to a large group of dentists many times, he consistently performs at the highest level of communication.
I have worked with Dr. Kwiecien many times in the role of a mentor to breakout groups at workshops.  If I get stuck, Dr. Kwiecien can be called upon to assist me in a totally non-judgmental manner.  He not only helps the students, but does it in a way which does not undercut my ability to connect with the group.

Dr. Kwiecien has been a mentor to me as I have mentored others.  He has a firm grasp on how to convey a message, which is necessary when one feels that he is not connecting with a particular student.”

Newton, MA


“Kevin is one the the most engaging teachers I have worked with. He has an enthusiasm that is contagious. He is able to connect equally to a large group of students and to focus on a one on one teaching opportunity. One of his gifts is listening carefully to the questions from his students to understand the core of the question so that rather than just an answer you receive a global foundation to your question. He is meticulous in his own skills and humble to demonstrate his learning process to help students be encouraged and empowered to keep working toward their own learning goals. Kevin is also a master at relating new knowledge to everyday experiences we already know and apply; this makes the new learning easier to assimilate into practice.”

Stillwater, MN


“We had a 2 day seminar that Kevin “knocked it out of the park” for my partner Dr’s and team atSummit Dental. Our first day was packed full of clinical pearls as it related to treatment planning cases in your practice. It was one of the best explanations I have heard on how the joint plays into occlusion using terms that were practical and easy to understand! Kevin’s “EveryCase is a Big Case” gave us all ways to look differently at our patients as we returned to our practices…Day two was focused more on leadership for us all in our practices. I again appreciated Kevin’s fresh approach keeping us engaged through group interaction and some soulful reflection time to center our thoughts. I would highly recommend engaging with Kevin if you want a genuine and caring approach to getting your practice and team more in line with your goals and vision.”

Eau Claire, WI


“Kevin brings extreme passion to his work and feels a responsibility to make sure that each student is engaged and getting the most out of their class.  I especially appreciate the humor that Kevin interjects into his teaching to keep the classes fun and the atmosphere inviting for students to ask questions.  Kevin is truly an educator and a leader with high standards.”

Bellingham, WA


“Kevin is amazing!  He relates well to a wide variety of personalities and a true “quadruple threat.” He has excellent clinical skills, a beautiful knowledge of behavioral sciences, has attracted and lead many high-performing teams, and has refined business acumen.  He is passionate and it’s easy to be inspired just by being around him.”

Harrisburg, PA


“I have had the pleasure of learning from Kevin in many capacities over the last decade. These educational experiences have come in many forms, ranging from large lectures to intimate, small, hands on study clubs. Kevin is a gifted educator and communicator and when he’s putting on a course I make a concerted effort to be there. His ability to simplify complex dental treatment, or challenging team dynamics is unparalleled. He has a wealth of knowledge in so many facets of dentistry and relationships, and communicates them beautifully.Most recently Kevin partnered with our office in a coaching capacity. It was a great opportunity for us to reevaluate our team culture, identify office inefficiencies, and develop leadership skills. Kevin was there every step of the way supporting, coaching, and providing the guidance necessary to help our office progress. As with all my previous engagements with Kevin he was well organized, communicated effectively, provided incredible insight, and he empowered our team to make and sustain changes.”

Ruston Edwards, DDS, Wenatchee WA


“If I was to sum Kevin up in the most concise way possible, I would say he is the “WholePackage”. Not only is Kevin relatable and easy to talk to, but he brings a wealth of experience with him. He really has lived it and knows what you’re talking about. The ability to look at numbers on a spreadsheet and describe what is going on in a practice, even in areas that don’t seem to directly relate, is truly a gift. What surprised me most about Kevin is people that are very proficient with numbers are not always the ones that shine in areas like improving staff relations. Kevin is equally talented and educated in those areas as well. He helped me in ways I didn’t know I needed. You can tell when someone really enjoys what they do, and that is Kevin.He not only greatly improved the efficiency and profitability of my business, but he also made me a better person.”

Steve Sanford, DDS, Galt, CA


“This man has energy! Not only is Dr. Kevin Kwiecien a confident, knowledgeable and dynamic speaker, but he is also a compassionate coach and mentor, an intense listener, and an incredible generator of ideas. He has an ability to induce motivation and garner excitement to any project, and is profoundly dedicated. As a colleague, he has motivated me to trust myself, learn more and do more, and as a friend he is dependable, trustworthy, and steadfast.”

Lodi, CA


“His knowledge of dentistry is phenomenal, and his approachable style makes it easy for students to relate to him.  His passion and dedication for teaching make him very effective in ensuring an open and trusting learning experience for all. He is able to take very complex ideas and simplify them to the point that even the most hesitant student will enjoy the learning experience.”

Moline, IL


“Dr. Kwiecien is an excellent educator with a broad knowledge base. One of his foremost strengths is taking complex clinical challenges and providing the dentist with a clear pathway to predictable success.”

Boise, ID


“Loved the line in your philosophy where your “individualized approach screams congruency!”Best of all, I want you to know that your efforts with me were certainly a success. I feel happy and healthy and at peace. There arestill rough moments–every day, but I feel better equipped to deal with situations and people…the people I love (everyone!!)”

Matthew Cripe, DDS, Dowagiac, MI