Dentistry is not easy. Practicing dentistry can feel isolating and intimidating, wreaking havoc on the practitioner’s confidence as well as working relationships with team members in the practice.

Anxiety can be directly related to managerial and business concerns, unrelated to dentistry.

Oftentimes, confidence in treatment planning is more confusing and ambiguous than the dentistry and can have a deleterious effect on the entire office.

Sometimes, the conversation or act of “case presentation” can lead to undo stress on the entire office and the bottom line.

Ultimately, they are all connected: Team dynamics, transparent systems, leadership, communication, systematic treatment planning, and identifying appropriate treatment for every patient; becoming a facilitator of health for the patient, the team, and the dentist.

Although Kevin very much enjoys working with doctors and teams to create “team-centered” systems that have a profound positive impact on the team, the dentist, and bottom line, he also enjoys working one-on-one with the doctor creating a systematic comprehensive exam that leads to a more systematic and confident treatment plan that leads to a more systematic and confident conversation with the patient, helping the patient see the value in health and moving towards health in an appropriate manner.

This process does not have to take years, especially when done with intention and caring coaching. Kevin can efficiently help the practitioner develop skills, confidence and competence in this area that will have positive impact on every system in the office, including productivity and profitability.

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