Maintaining the congruency of appreciating the individuality of practices, team members and patients, Kevin understands that every group is also unique. Although there are many common topics, he enjoys creating presentations that are appropriate for each group and time-frame, from evening study-club-style presentations, to 2-3 hour presentations for small or large groups, to half-day and full-day presentations. Incorporating hands-on segments for topics is always fun and educational.

Common Popular Topics:

Every Patient Has the Option of Optimal

Visualizing the optimal outcome lends itself to at least having the conversation.  From there, you can better understand the short-comings of sub-optimal treatment and find creative ways to move a patient towards long-term health in an appropriate manner.


The Team of  Your Dreams: A Team-Centered and Integrative Systems Approach

Integrative healthcare and global systems-thinking is here. Differentiate your practice from others using leverage, communication, and systems with intention.


The Hygiene-Dentist Healthcare Team: You Are Not Alone

The dentist and hygienist are healthcare providers. A long history of working in silos has moved the profession and care of patients in the exact wrong direction. Health-centered education and facilitation will change the practice and lives of our patients. The dentist and hygienist can speak the same language regarding periodontal health, occlusion, airway, and nutrition and support each other. The energy is contagious.


Other topics include treatment planning, occlusion, appliance therapy, CAD/CAM integration, and phased treatment.



An evening meeting

Half-day presentation

Full-day presentation

Hands-on experience



Your local group of dentists

Your local group of dental teams

Your team

2019 Schedule

January 25, Calgary, Alberta

Predictable Dentistry – Occlusion Really is the Key
Calgary Prosthodontic Seminars


February 23, Vancouver, BC

Predictable Dentistry – Occlusion Really is the Key

Vancouver Straumann Study Club


March 3 – 7, Key Biscayne, FL

Pankey Essentials 4


March 22, Scottsdale, AZ

Health-Centered Dentistry and Team-Centered Systems

Dental Town Townie Meeting


March 28-30, Wenatchee, WA

Comprehensive Exam and Treatment Planning Workshop


April 14, Belin, Germany

Appliance Therapy:  Organizing the Occlusion Before Prepping

Airway in the Restorative Practice

Team of Your Dreams

The Art and Science of Dental Treatment Planning Meeting



April 23-25, Philadelphia, PA

Airway and Health-centered Dentistry Workshop


April 26, Philadelphia, PA

Team of Your Dreams


May 2-4, Grand Rapids, MN

Airway and Health-centered Dentistry Workshop


May 17-18, Virginia Beach, VA

Team-centered Systems for Occlusion-driven and Health-Centered Dentistry

Bayview Dental Club


May 22 – 24 North Bend, WA

Growth Into Greatness Annual Retreat


July 12-13, Phoenix, AZ

Filling in the Gaps:  Truly Integrating Airway into Your Practice


July 19, Park City, UT

Comprehensive Dentistry in the Digital World (with Naren Rajan)


September 20, Seattle, WA

Treatment Planning and Occlusion:  The Critical Connection

Washington Academy of General Dentistry


October 11 – 15, Key Biscayne, FL

Pankey Essentials 4


October 18 Nashville, TN

Building a Health-Centered Team

American Academy of Oral Systemic Health 9th Annual Scientific Session


December 6 – 10, Key Biscayne, FL

Pankey Essentials 4

Notable Recent Meetings/Presentations

  • American Equilibration Society
  • Chicago Dental Society Mid-Winter Meeting
  • Greater New York Dental Meeting
  • American Academy of Restorative Dentistry
  • University of Pacific/Jamison Spencer Dental Sleep Medicine Mini-residency
  • Texas Academy of General Dentistry
  • Harrisburg Dental Society
  • South Dakota Dental Society
  • Poland Quintessence Annual Meeting
  • Arizona Dental Association
  • New Hampshire Dental Meeting
  • Southern New Jersey Dental Society
  • Oregon Academy of General Dentistry


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